When developing our meat program, the first thing we wanted to get was a full understanding of what we were looking for in a product.  In order to do this, we spent a lot of time with the following activities to ensure validity before we wanted to put our name on it: 

- Visited Ranches/Farms 

- Visited MSU’s Farm 

- Visited Supplier’s Meat Processing Plants 

- Attended MSU’s Meat Lab 

- Spoke with Ranchers/Farmers 

- Spent time with Industry Experts and Meat Scientists

At the end of all of this, we were able to decide what we wanted our product to be and figure out the logistics of how to ensure a consistent supply of this premium meat.

The product will have to meet the following requirements above and beyond that required by the USDA graders to hit the USDA Choice and USDA Prime grades. 

First and foremost, the animal must be predominantly black-hided before it is even considered.  This is a phenotypical trait of the Angus breed. 

Below are the minimum requirements for a product to be labeled as “The Butchery Premium Angus” 

1 - Modest or higher Marbling  

2 - Medium to fine marbling texture 

3 - Overall “A” Maturity 

4 - No Dark Cutters 

5 - Practically free of capillary rupture 

6 - Superior Muscling 

7 - No neck hump greater than 2 inches

Look for this label in the meat case

The Butchery Premium Angus Beef