Order the following for your holiday feast;

This year we have several NEW options, here’s one…The Butchery Spiral Sliced Fire Glazed Hams $4.99/lb.

We are featuring USDA Prime and American Wagyu Beef

Have us brine your turkey for 24 hours and make it extra tender Only $5 per bird or breast.

2020 Locally raised Fresh Turkey’s $5.99/lb. (raised by chef Steve of Steve and Rocky’s in Novi, Michigan, these birds are going to be 18-22lbs.)

Whole Fresh Amish Raised Turkey’s $3.99/lb.   Whole Fresh Amish Raised Turkey Breast Bone in $5.99/lb.  Boneless Amish Raised Turkey Breast $7.99/lb.      

Boneless USDA PRIME Beef Rib Roast $20.99/lb.

Bone In USDA PRIME “Prime Rib” Roast (standing rib) $19.99/lb.

USDA PRIME Tenderloin Roast $23.99/lb. (whole tenderloin)

USDA PRIME Sirloin Roast (whole NY Strip) $18.99/lb.

Fresh All Natural Michigan Pork Butt (Utica Packing / Detroit) $3.99/lb.

Bone In Michigan Pork Loin Roast $5.99/lb. (crown roast)

Fresh Holiday Polish “Rope” Sausage (about 2 lbs. each) $6.99/lb.

Bulk Italian Sausage $5.99/lb.

Boneless Michigan Pork Loin Roast $6.99/lb.

Cooked Jumbo (16-20 ct./lb.) Shrimp $16.99/lb.

Lobster Tails 4-5 oz. (each) $9.00 each


Try one of Julie’s signature pies;

Pecan, Apple, Fruits and Berries, Cherry & Pumpkin


Prepared Foods Menu (just heat and serve)

Cooked Rare USDA rime Prime Rib Roast Sliced Thin and served in Au Jus $29.99/lb.

Cooked Rare Tenderloin of Beef Sliced Thin and served with Mustard Horsey Sauce $33.99/lb.

Slow Roasted Beef Brisket, with onions and tomatoes $16.99/lb.

Cooked and Deconstructed Whole Amish Turkey with Gravy $10.99/lb.  (Raw weight)

Roasted Whole Side of Wild Caught Salmon (BBQ Glaze or Plain) $19.99/lb.

SIDES; served in half or full pans (half serves about 10-12, full about 15-20)

Bread Stuffing $25 / 40

Sausage Stuffing $40 / 50

Corn Bread $25 / 40

Buttermilk Whipped Potatoes $35 / 50

Roasted Green Beans & Onions $45 / 60

Creamy White Cheddar Mac and Cheese $45 / 60

Grilled and Roasted Assorted Vegetables $45 / 75

Sweet Potato Puree $30 / 45

Classic Caesar Salad $40/ 55

House Salad (Lettuce, tomato, cucumber grated carrot, croutons and dressing) $30 / 55

Potato Pancakes (about 3” round) served with house apple sauce $35/ dozen

Cranberry-Apple  Relish  $16.00 / qt.

Roasted Turkey Gravy $12.00 / qt.

Mustard Horsey Sauce $14.00 / qt.

Au Jus $20.50 / qt.

Veal Demi-Glace $45.00 / qt.

Full service catering available email Chef Dave,, or

248-682-COWS (2697)